Who’s Counting? Quantity vs. Quality in Social Media

In this age of social media, when there’s such an emphasis on getting more fans, followers, and subscribers, it’s easy to feel a bit anxious about ramping up your connections on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But should you focusing on getting a large quantity of people connected with you online? Are 1,000 followers or fans better than 100?

6 Things To Avoid In Your Email or Social Media Efforts

Turning off a group of customers or ‘potential’ customers with your business related social media habits, whether you blog, tweet, use Facebook, or simply send emails, can be downright dangerous. And the worst part is that you might not even know you are doing it!

Are Your Emails Legally Compliant?

I’m still amazed of the number of individuals, business owners, and not-for-profits I’ve recently met who are still not familiar with the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Case in point, I was recently asked to speak about CASL and, considering it’s been 7 months since the legislation went into effect, I was amazed to have a full room. So, I thought …

LinkedIn Protocols – Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts

Improper LinkedIn etiquette can alienate your professional contacts and turn away prospective employers from hiring you. In my experience, when it comes to LinkedIn etiquette, there are a few best practices that you should consider.

LinkedIn Best Practices Revealed

My friends at the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario kindly published my article on HOW TO go from being a participant to an active user on LinkedIn. The article highlights observations from business owners who’ve been successful in using LinkedIn as a platform to help open more doors, enhance their professional presence and expand their business. Why not share …

5 MUST KNOW Content Marketing Tips

Many business owners are starting to understand the power and effectiveness of incorporating digital (email, social, video, podcasts, alike) as a core element within their marketing plan. Though, through my travels as a regular speaker at conferences, with Chamber Networks and various professional associations (having spoken to over 7,000 business owners), I am constantly being asked about ideas surrounding content marketing.

How Your Small Business Can Succeed Using Social Media

Sometimes the distance between a customer complaint and the resolution is just a tweet, post or comment away. Social media has allowed businesses across the world to communicate directly and frequently with customers, making companies more adept at responding to consumer demands. The Aurora Chamber of Commerce featured this article in the Winter 2015 edition of Chamber Connection. View the …

Creating the Perfect Email Campaign

Email newsletters have become one of the hottest toolkits of communication that businesses use today and can offer both you and your clients a great channel to reach potential and existing customers. The newsletter combines two of the most valuable marketing tools; email and content.

Canada Anti-Spam Legislations Series Part 4 – Networking

Canada’s anti-spam legislation will have a significant impact on the way you communicate with your clients, prospects and other professional contacts. But rather than regard this new law as a problem, says Javed Khan, president of EMpression in Aurora, Ont., think of it as an opportunity to improve the way you market yourself. “If you look at successful digital marketers,” …