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More than half a million small businesses, nonprofits and associations worldwide use Constant Contact’s online marketing tools that will help engage with customers, generate new customers, repeat business, and referrals. Constant Contact can help by providing software tools for email marketing, for event promotion, for conducting online surveys, and for running successful social media campaigns.

Our partnership with Constant Contact means we can offer Free Trials to our clients to show them how they can benefit from such a powerful tool. To see first-hand how Constant Contact could benefit your business, sign up for a free 60-Day Trial!

You can also download email marketing guides, along with other handy How-Tos, on our Resources page.

Create Consistently High-Performing Email Marketing Programs

Email Marketing Programs

Account Set-up
Strategic Discussion
List Management (CASL)
Segmentation of Contacts
Campaign Ideation
Template Design & Formatting
Testing & Revisions
Results & Analysis

Content Calendars

We’ll also help develop a content marketing calendar and success metrics that will support your client acquisition and retention objectives. Better integration between content production and distribution results in a more successful and positive email marketing campaign experience.

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CASL Compliance

You would be amazed at the number of business owners, small and big companies, and not-for-profit organizations that aren’t familiar with the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). We’re here to help settle all the confusion and make sure you’re compliant!

We can help set-up and manage your campaigns that will reconfirm all your implied consent data points to express consent. We’ll also help develop a CASL strategy to ensure all NEW data collected fall into the express consent category.

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