Generating Sales Using LinkedIn

Through my travels as an event speaker, I’ve met thousands of small business owners, many of whom use LinkedIn as one of their social media platforms. Despite that, I consistently hear the same message expressed that either they feel that they don’t know much about LinkedIn, they haven’t maximized its value, and most importantly haven’t really generated any business from it.

On the other hand, I’ve met business owners who are using LinkedIn very differently than those I mention above. These folks see it as a tool that can be leveraged to open more doors, expand their business in existing accounts and enhance their professional presence.

Here are some of the best practices that have helped to win relationships and generate revenue via LinkedIn.

Be a joiner
Selecting strategic target markets allows you to pinpoint groups and more easily find decision makers that you can build relationships with. Before you join a group, scout them out. Look for groups with less than 5,000 members that are filled with active discussions and minimal spam.

Become a “go-giver”
Groups provide a forum where content can be shared. Participate in numerous discussions; and always focus on how you can help targeted prospects. Be proactive, give advice and provide feedback.

Share original or third party eBooks or white papers. Start your own discussions by asking probing questions, and then join in the ensuing conversation.

When it’s appropriate, refer to other experts and companies who could help group colleagues with their challenges.

Give it time.
LinkedIn is not for salespeople who are looking for shortcuts and quick sales.  It takes time and effort but it’s also easy and free.  Be prepared to invest approximately 10 hours per week on your efforts. While that may seem like a lot, when you compare it to the time that most people spend prospecting, it’s minimal.

Look for ways to connect.
LinkedIn isn’t about technology, it’s about people.

When you reach out to people, say something personal right away so that you can create an immediate connection. It’s important to study people’s profiles carefully to find out what’s important to them professionally and personally.

Be genuine, personal and candid; as people will get to know who you are, they will slowly learn to trust you.

After doing that, send them a message via LinkedIn with a connection request.

Each message should be personally crafted:

  • Say something about their profile/accomplishments
  • Names of mutual acquaintances or interests.
  • Focus on the issues or business goals you can help companies with. (Never give a product pitch.)

Don’t be afraid to shake things up.
Constantly reevaluate your group memberships. Some groups get stale, others become spam-filled and some just get too big. Go through your LinkedIn connections every three to six months and eliminate people with whom you’ve been unable to build a relationship.

What does this all mean?
If you put the appropriate amount of effort, time and commitment into building your LinkedIn presence and become that resource relationship to your connections, there is no doubt you will generate sales through this business social network.

As the LinkedIn Expert and through the clinic experience, Javed and his partner present LinkedIn Best Practices, Tips and Tricks that every LinkedIn member can take advantage of right away!

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