Secrets to Developing The Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Have you been using Email Marketing and getting lackluster results? Or maybe you are thinking about it – you have an email campaign sitting in draft form, notes jotted down on napkins and scraps of paper or just a clever idea or two in your head.

6 Secrets to Capturing Readers Attention

With the vast amount of content that is on the web today, weeding through and getting attention is now harder than ever. You have to fight a battle everyday to make sure you are using whatever possible methods that will make you shine to capture reader’s attention.

4 Networking Tips To Pay Attention To

If you’re reading this post, you either have an interest in sharpening your networking skills, or would like to validate what you’re currently doing at events is on track. Why am I sharing these 4 Tips? Well, it’s a combination of frustration watching people just not having the training or experience when it comes to their networking skills and hearing …

Your Business Magazine – Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

Are You Using LinkedIn to your best advantage? My article reveals some of the best practices for generating sales. This article was published in the 2nd Edition of Your Business Magazine which is put together by staff at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce. View the entire aricle

Workshop in Richmond Hill Offers Canada Anti-Spam Law Refresher

Last year about this time, you may have been inundated with emails about Canada’s anti-spam legislation. Companies were eager before Canada Day, the day the legislation went into effect, to get your permission to continue sending you emails. The law prohibits sending electronic messages by email, social media and cell phone text messages without the recipient’s consent. View the entire …