Personal Brand

Has someone recently introduced themselves with a rapid-fire elevator pitch so full of jargon and sales-speak that you forgot it in less time than it took them to deliver it?
We can help you nail your Personal Brand Statement

Today’s successful business professionals don’t sell products or speed-date with business cards. They build relationships by showcasing themselves and their services.

Having a polished Professional Brand Statement is the best way to make a memorable first impression and it’s critical to get it right.

Personal Brand Statements layout your super-star qualities; what you can deliver and your solutions to problems.

A good PBS is NOT a self-promotion tool but a way to engage your audience in a conversation about what your personal brand can do for them.

Creating your Personal Brand Statement: What’s the secret sauce?

Our 3-step process will seamlessly have your unique PBS ready to roll in no time.

STEP 1: Complete our short survey of 5-6 open-ended questions. We’ll push you to think beyond ‘what you do for a living’, and have you dig deep to identify your comfort elements, your expertise and abilities.

STEP 2: From your completed survey, our Content Marketing Specialist will draft three Personal Brand Statements. After taking each of them for a test drive, they will help you mould them into something that works for you.

STEP 3: We coach you for presentation by reviewing cadence and emphasis. With practice drills, we make sure that your new personal brand statement rolls off your tongue. When finished, you’ll have a unique Personal Brand Statement that….

When finished, you’ll have a unique Personal Brand Statement that….

  • Identifies your super-star qualities
  • You can say confidently in a single breath
  • Is unique, punchy and memorable