Promotional products shouldn’t be another frivolous giveaway (with Jae M. Rang)

Jae M. Rang returns to #smalltalk.

The world of promotional marketing is way more than picking a product and slapping your logo on it. Before you pick a product as a giveaway a.k.a. “swag”, there are key questions that must be asked and understood.

Your promotional giveaway should NEVER lead with the product. The conversation must focus on the experience and outcome you’re looking for the product to do.

“What I discovered is that these products are the only media that interact with all the senses. No other media does that. The potential to have your product that you’re putting your name, your brand, your message on, to carry and interact with your audience beyond the product itself is explosive”

We’re talking promotional products on this segment of #smalltalk.

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