Developing a Twitter Strategy

Devise a consistent routine of checking in, sharing and responding

Twitter has the power to amplify your online presence, enabling you to connect with your audience while reaching new members of your market.

“It’s an opportunity to get in front of other people,” says Javed Khan president of Empression Marketing Services in Toronto. “If they like something you put out there, your name and face are in front of people you couldn’t otherwise have reached.”
But you can’t begin to reap the benefits of Twitter until you devise a consistent routine of checking in regularly to listen, share, respond or comment on what’s unfolding in real time within your community.

To get into the habit of making Twitter a part of your daily routine, consider these tips:

Determine your approach
Twitter users play different roles in the online community, says Audra Rusinas, digital marketing manager at Marketing and Communications Central in Toronto. Decide whether you’re more comfortable engaging as a listener, a content creator/ curator, a commentator or a mixture of the above. You might decide to first ease into each role before posting original content.

For example, you might start as a listener, absorbing what “influencers” are posting, and then gradually offer your own input in the conversation.

Being vocal on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean putting out original or handpicked content every day. There might be times when you want to comment on something another colleague has shared. That, Rusinas says, is another way to build an audience.

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