The power of the 24/7/30 system with Ivan Misner

Ivan Misner makes yet another appearance on #smalltalk. Does this sound familiar? We’re given an opportunity to participate in a networking event We meet people, have conversations, exchange information. We may follow-up right after the event (or not). People always ask Ivan “what’s the best way to follow-up?” According to Ivan, it starts with the system you are using, and the key issue is that the majority of people don’t use any system for their follow-up. Ivan shares the 24 | 7 | 30 system. “Connect with them where they hang out, not where you hang out. When you’re talking with them, ask where are you online? Are you Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, where do you like to spend most of your social media time, if any? Find out, make a note when they leave and connect with them where they are.” We’re speaking about creating a follow-up system that makes an impact each and every time in this segment of #smalltalk.

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