Canada Anti-Spam Legislations Series Part 4 – Networking

Canada’s anti-spam legislation will have a significant impact on the way you communicate with your clients, prospects and other professional contacts. But rather than regard this new law as a problem, says Javed Khan, president of EMpression in Aurora, Ont., think of it as an opportunity to improve the way you market yourself. “If you look at successful digital marketers,” …

Canada Anti-Spam Legislation Series Part 1 – Getting Consent

On July 1, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) will come into force, with the goal of decreasing the amount of spam, or unwanted messages, Canadians receive through electronic means. The legislation will undoubtedly have an impact on how you communicate with your clients and market your practice through digital channels. LEARN MORE

Bridging the Generation Gap

Integrating younger advisors into a well-established practice should be done step by step, with careful supervision and with multiple opportunities for younger advisors to make suggestions to show what they can do. Read the entire article

Four Ways to get your Inbox Under Control

Has your spouse complained that you appear more devoted to staying on top of your email than you are to your relationship? Has the mere thought of your mobile device buzzing once more during a family picnic sent a shiver down your spine? Read the entire article

Using Email Like Social Media

Your email is a powerful marketing tool you can use to amplify your online presence, even if you’re not interested in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, says Javed Khan, president of EMpression, a marketing services firm in Toronto. Read the entire article