Secrets to Developing The Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Have you been using Email Marketing and getting lackluster results? Or maybe you are thinking about it – you have an email campaign sitting in draft form, notes jotted down on napkins and scraps of paper or just a clever idea or two in your head.

6 Secrets to Capturing Readers Attention

With the vast amount of content that is on the web today, weeding through and getting attention is now harder than ever. You have to fight a battle everyday to make sure you are using whatever possible methods that will make you shine to capture reader’s attention.

6 Things To Avoid In Your Email or Social Media Efforts

Turning off a group of customers or ‘potential’ customers with your business related social media habits, whether you blog, tweet, use Facebook, or simply send emails, can be downright dangerous. And the worst part is that you might not even know you are doing it!

Are Your Emails Legally Compliant?

I’m still amazed of the number of individuals, business owners, and not-for-profits I’ve recently met who are still not familiar with the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Case in point, I was recently asked to speak about CASL and, considering it’s been 7 months since the legislation went into effect, I was amazed to have a full room. So, I thought …