Get Creative with Video Marketing (Part 2)

Without preaching about one specific product on your shelf, you can dissect a type of product — or debunk a popular financial misconception — for the benefit of clients who find such issues complicated. Explainer videos make for shareable, snackable content because they can offer valuable information that educates, says Javed Khan, president of Empression Marketing in Aurora, Ont. If …

Tell Your Story Through Video Marketing (Part 1)

As the financial services sector moves toward greater transparency, there’s more pressure on financial advisors to articulate their worth to clients and prospects. Videos can “humanize” your brand, especially if you are affiliated with a larger entity, says Javed Khan, president of Empression Marketing in Aurora, Ont. Think about what sets you apart and how your life experiences have informed …

5 Reasons Why Google Analytics is the Secret Ingredient to your Website

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Google Analytics? Yes? Okay, have you installed this feature on your website? Don’t let intimidation, procrastination or doubt of its usage hold you back. I strongly believe it is the most fundamental tool and is the secret ingredient to the success of your website presence.  So, why don’t you have google analytics as part of …

5 MUST KNOW Content Marketing Tips

Many business owners are starting to understand the power and effectiveness of incorporating digital (email, social, video, podcasts, alike) as a core element within their marketing plan. Though, through my travels as a regular speaker at conferences, with Chamber Networks and various professional associations (having spoken to over 7,000 business owners), I am constantly being asked about ideas surrounding content marketing.

Creating the Perfect Email Campaign

Email newsletters have become one of the hottest toolkits of communication that businesses use today and can offer both you and your clients a great channel to reach potential and existing customers. The newsletter combines two of the most valuable marketing tools; email and content.