Brand Business Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is a 2.5 – 4hr strategic planning group workshop
which we adapt to address the needs and objectives of our client partners.

For starters, we like to engage in the opportunity to meet in person and put human faces to a potential long-term partnership. We spend the time to learn and gather information about you and your business. We ask questions that will help us get to know you.

Once we decide we are the right fit, one of our first tasks is to recommend a Brand Business Discovery Session to help us understand the feasibility and validation of the marketing objectives you really want to achieve.

We recommend that, where possible, participants endeavour to be fully available for the duration to optimize input and, towards that end, suggest that larger sessions be scheduled well in advance to enable participants to ensure a clear calendar.

The post session report will provide details of the session discussion, will include our observations, and provide top-level recommendations for both short- and long-term implementation, so that next steps and related budgets can be easily planned and prioritized.

Our Discovery Session report should be considered high-level; should we recommend the development of a full strategy and tactical marketing plan, we will work with you to determine your budget and resources, and provide a separate estimate for the recommended scope of work.