5 Reasons Why Google Analytics is the Secret Ingredient to your Website

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Google Analytics? Yes?

Okay, have you installed this feature on your website? Don’t let intimidation, procrastination or doubt of its usage hold you back. I strongly believe it is the most fundamental tool and is the secret ingredient to the success of your website presence.  So, why don’t you have google analytics as part of your website presence?

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you must add this tool to your website now!

Data is key if you have collected it.
It truly is all about data when it comes to anything digital – that includes your website.
Think about this: what if two years from now, you’re reevaluating your content marketing strategy and you’re curious which topics has been most viewed or commented upon. If Google Analytics was set up from the start, your website’s data is ready and waiting for your analysis. If not, all that valuable insight is lost.

Understanding what brought your visitors to your website.
Was it the result of an email marketing campaign? Was it the result of a social media post? Was it part of a gated content campaign? By clicking on “Acquisition,” within your report, you can view details of not only Google AdWord campaigns but also the percentage of your traffic coming from organic search, referrals, social media, and the direct entering of your web address into a browser.

This is powerful!

Wait, there’s more! Google Analytics allows you to see the most common keywords people used to find you via organic search? What are the websites that send you the most referral traffic?

Knowing who’s visiting your website is critical. When you develop content for your website, you should always be taking into consideration who your target audience. By clicking on “Audience,” within your report, you can learn everything from the city and country of your website’s visitors to the language they speak, their ages, gender, and more.

Connecting with your exact audience just became a bit easier.

Knowing which pages of your website attract the most visitors validates what you’re doing well. Tracking “Behavior” within your report can be eye-opening. For example, which website pages are most frequented? How long are visitors staying on each page? Whatever it is, you should do that some more.

New vs. returning visitors to your website divulges unique insight. How well are your inbound and outbound marketing strategies working? How well are you nurturing or converting visitors? How should your marketing tactics adjust? These answers aren’t always easy, but with the right tools, they can be easier.

Now you see why Google Analytics s is the secret ingredient to the success of your website presence. Are you convinced? Isn’t it time you start to make your website work for you and help develop targeted inbound and outbound marketing campaigns?

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