4 Powerful Reasons to Use Images in Your Email Marketing Campaign

How many of you incorporate images as part of your email & social media marketing? If you’re someone who does, than you know that visual content is huge.

FACT:People engage more with photos than a text update.

FACT: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

FACT: Email & Social media users are drawn to visual content – they interact and engage more with photos than text, and – this is a Facebook statistic, but it shows that people value visual content more. People like photos twice as much as text updates.

Incorporating images as part of your content marketing strategy is consistently being missed.  It’s important you find a variety of ways to present your content; that can mean by simply replacing the long paragraphs with text with an image and supporting headline.

I thought this was a topic to expand on; so I did.

Read More about the 4 Powerful Reasons You Should be Using Images in Your Next Emailhttp://tinyurl.com/nc778x5

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